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Every year on the second Sunday in November, Germany observes the National Day of Mourning (Volkstrauertag).

Various commemorative events take place in cemeteries or places of remembrance as well as church services throughout Germany. In addition, German representations abroad organise commemorative events at war graves cemeteries worldwide in cooperation with the German War Graves Commission and international partners.

The main remembrance ceremony in the Plenary Hall of the German Bundestag under the patronage of the President of the Bundestag is broadcast live on German television.

If you are interested in attending the main remembrance ceremony, please contact us with your personal details:


Department of Remembrance Culture and Networking

Claudia Goldbach, Project Coordinator


+49 - 30 - 230 936 43



For accreditation for the event in the German Bundestag, please register at presse@volksbund.de and at the official press card office of the German Bundestag at Wilhelmstraße 65, Berlin, telephone 030-227 329 24 or -227 329 29, Email: akkreditierung@bundestag.de.

The accreditation form can be found here.

Current press releases on Remembrance Day can be found here.

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