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Tribute to the dead

Tribute to the dead

"We remember today the victims of violence and war, children, women and men of all nations.

We remember the soldiers who fell in two World Wars, those who lost their lives through acts of war or subsequently as prisoners, expellees and refugees.

We remember those who were persecuted and killed because they belonged to another nation, because they were deemed to belong to another race, because they belonged to a minority or because they were deemed unfit to live on grounds of illness or disability.

We remember those who died because they resisted tyranny and those who perished for their beliefs or their faith.

We mourn the victims of current wars and civil conflict, the victims of terrorism and political persecution, the Bundeswehr soldiers and others killed while serving with missions abroad.

We remember today also the victims of hatred and violence in our country. We remember the victims of terrorism, extremism, antisemitism and racism here in Germany.

We grieve with all those who have lost loved ones, and share their pain.

Yet we live in hope of reconciliation between people and nations. And we recognise our responsibility for peace both at home and in the wider world."


Tribute to the dead by Federal President Dr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier at the central commemoration ceremony for the National Day of Mourning in the Plenary Hall of the German Bundestag on November 15, 2020